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Agile Game Development With Scrum

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Get in the Game:
What others can Learn From Game developers.
get in the game
Scrum Rising:
What others can Learn From Game developers scrum rising
Gamasutra Article:
Scrum and Long Term Project Planning for Video Gameslong term planning
Gamasutra Article:
Beyond Scrum Lean and Kanban for Game Developersbeyond scrum
GameDevNet Article:
Why Use Scrum?beyond scrum
How To Fail With Agile:
Learn What to Do with scrum

How to Fail Agile



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GDC 2009 Advanced Scrum:
Learn advanced scrum techniques and practices. advanced scrum
Lean Game Production:
Fundamentals of Lean Game Production.lean game production
An Agile Retrospective:
A Look at Agile in Game agile retrospective
Recommended Agile Book List
Agile Estimating and Planning:

An outstanding book on how to plan and track progress over the long term for Agile projects.
Agile Estimating and Planning

Succeeding with Agile:

Mike Cohn's latest book. The title says it all.Suceeding with Agile

Agile Retrospectives:

The bible on how to facilitate agile retrospectives.The Enterprise and Scrum

User Stories Applied:

A fantastic book about User Stories. Very simple, yet powerful tools for communicating feature requirements.User Stories Applied

Lean from the Trenches

Henrick Kniberg's great book about lean practices and how they work with Scrum.Lean from the Trenches

User Story Mapping

Jeff Patton's book about creating a more visual and logical way of mapping a product backlog.User Story Mapping

Reinventing Organizations:

Laloux describes an accurate model of human organizations and how to work within them. Great read!Reinventing Organizations