What do professionals say about Clinton's agile training and coaching?

“He is a skilled instructor who brings passion and a tremendous depth of experience and know-how to his classes.”  - Mike Cohn

"I could not recommend taking a class with Clinton more. His presentation materials were top notch and his ability to convey the principles associated with Scrum were both intriguing and effective. I left the class with such a great understanding of Scrum and had a wealth of tools to help with implementing this methodology in my organization. I look forward to attending his lectures in the future and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him first hand." - Anthony Urso

"Clinton is a very switched on, genuine guy, and I strongly recommend his ScrumMaster Course to anyone who is looking to improve the productivity of their teams with Agile Scrum.” - Kim Sellentin, Blizzard Entertainment

“Clinton is one of those trainers that has a special knack for sharing his expertise in a way that is clearly understood. The training he gave was clear, concise and actually a fun way of learning. He clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the industry and the frameworks we are working with. I would highly recommend his training to anyone and look forward to acquiring a deeper skill set from his courses in the future.” - Dave Collins, Kaban

"Clinton is an interesting person, who has terrific anecdotes over his time in the games industry and working on several triple A-titles. Highly entertaining, and of course very interesting and useful for my own projects" - Maarten de Koning Managing Director, Game Producer at Codeglue

“Clinton was the coach for my ScrumMaster certification and he did an outstanding job at explaining the concepts of Scrum and the role of the ScrumMaster. Not only he conveyed the information in a good way, he had plenty of examples and experiences to share with us on how to apply Scrum to Game Development, and he managed to keep us interested all the time by breaking down the training sessions with meaningful and engaging activities. I definitely recommend him as a trainer and will get more training from him in the future if the opportunity presents itself.” - Rui Manuel Monteiro Casais CTO at Funcom

"Clinton's availability between and after class to dive into the particulars of any situation in more detail was highly valuable, along with discussions between sessions with my industry classmates. Clinton's extensive experience in the industry, particularly his first-hand knowledge of game production practices over the years, makes this class a winner.” - Teresa Chubet

“Clinton Keith and his SCRUM training program were strongly recommended to me by colleagues at EA Redwood Shores. From our first interaction, through the planing stages and ultimately delivery of the training to our staff Clinton was professional, fast and flexible. The training itself was first rate and received wide praise from our staff both for content and mode of delivery. Clinton's experience in game development and project management is a powerful supplement to his his expertise in SCRUM methodologies. I strongly recommend both Clinton and his services.” - Michael Timothy Doyle

“My team and I had a multi-day event with Clinton. It was hugely valuable and helped to solidify what we already understood as the value of developing using SCRUM, and his coaching also provided our team with future guidance and references.” - Dennis Morgan

“Clinton is a very dynamic and entertaining instructor that can captivate an audience’s attention. Having an interesting instructor that can also be funny and do a lot of group activities is essential when having to be in a class for 7 or 8 hours.” - Shirley Stevenson

“Clinton was instrumental in filling in the knowledge gap between the literary Scrum perspective, and the game development Scrum perspective. He was very open in sharing his previous implementations of Scrum - both the strength and the shortcoming of each approach. Clinton observations and recommendations with respect to our development process was especially helpful in resolving team organization issues that arose out of adopting Scrum.”- Chris Khoo

“When our game team was looking for training in Scrum, my lead engineer and I were fortunate enough to have a chance to chat with Clinton Keith, Agile coach and trainer, with a unique specialty in agile game development and using Scrum for game teams. That chat thoroughly impressed and inspired us to book Clint to come and help, not just our team, but also key representatives from all the game teams within our studio. After two days of intense training and coaching, we quickly saw a difference in team behaviors and a conscious move and buy-in to self-management. Our team is definitely more engaged, and pumped to deliver a game they can be proud of. We look forward to continued coaching by Clint as we're developing, and highly encourage all game developers to consider seeking Clint's guidance when attempting to implement agile game development practices.” Lia Siojo

“Clinton's explanation of Scrum was clear and entertaining. He did a good job tailoring his material to our group. Practical exercises and personal anecdotes were both used effectively. I would recommend his class to anyone looking for a better understanding of Scrum” - Jordan Blackman Producer Ubisoft